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His Fault
One prison cell, six cons in there. A theme of His Fault is their communication, or rather a communication among people as such. Xiboj, a prison newcomer, had a cigarette in the morning. But it is forbidden to smoke before breakfast and The King who is the boss of the cell is trying to explain him the rules. When Xiboj shows no signs of reaction even to the toughest threats, one of the inmates makes a guess: "Guys, come on, he's a Hungarian or something..." "His fault..." The King closes the game and a terrifying circle of bodies forms around Xiboj.
DIRECTOR: Jan Prušinovský COUNTRY: CZ COPYRIGHT: 2020 RUNNING TIME: 6 min. CATEGORY / GENRE: Feature short film / One-act mictoplay PRODUCERS: Ondřej Zima, Jan Prušinovský CO-PRODUCTION: The Václav Havel Library

SCRIPT: Václav Havel DOP: Petr Koblovský EDITOR: Lukáš Opatrný PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Jan Novotný COSTUMES: Ivan Stekla SOUND DESIGN: Matěj Matuška, Michal Čech CAST: Zdeněk Godla, Petr Uhlík, Milan Škop, Martin Peroutka, Ladislav Červeňák

The movie was made for the Czech educational program Read Havel
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